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1829. Aug. 14
Reformists reviewed


Reformists classed
1. All-comprehending

To constitute a compleat and sin an accomplished reformist
(his sincerely of course assumed and supposed) in habit or
at least in disposition, two things requisites are necessary 1. Universal
1. Exposure sincere compleat and unreserved of the reform-requiring
system of abuse. 2. Exhibition of an appropriate remedy coextensive with the abuse and
adequate to the correction of the abuse.

That To constitute this character the exposure which is can not
be sufficient, is sufficiently obvious. But neither would could
to of the exhibition of the a remedy, how completely
adequate so ever could compleatly be predicated: seeing
that but for an adeq neither in the seldom scarcely in to the body politic
any more than in the body natural be applied without
inconvenience in various shapes, and that consequently to the
cure exhibition of an adequate inducement to make application
of the remedy, proof of the resistance and thence exposure
of the nature of the remedy requiring disorder of is necessary.

Sole operation by which to the disorder in question
Undertaking to exhibit the "Idea of a Patriot King"
Bolinbroke Bolingbroke took a Volume for it, employed a Volume
on it. Of the exploit The task we insensibly betrayed ourselves into an
undertaking to atchieve, that of Bolingbrokes fires but in small
part: and for this of ours we can not scarcely can we commend
a page. Essayism This, if any one is of the number of these cases
in which success would be glorious failure will not be inglorious to such a degree would
success be glorious.

Co-extensive with the whole field of law is the abuse
under which the community is labouring, the remedy reform—the remedy which
b this same abuse stands in need of.

Constitutional branch — imperative branch — into these two
branches may the whole body of the field of law consequently of the law
itself be divided.

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