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1829 Aug. 16
Reformists reviewed
Reformists classed


1. All comprehending

Constitutional Imperative that law that which determines so far as is deemed
by the functionaries in question, so far as by them is thought
necessary and or requisite — so far as a word as they think
fit manipulations are made of their will, chalking out the
course, what on each several occasion, the conduct of each individual
subject to them their rule shall take performing or abstaining from
the performance of all acts of the sort specified for that purpose, as the case
may be. Imperative Constitutional that which determines
in what hands the power of performing giving assistance to the
imperative law branch in all its ramifications shall be lodged.

Here presents itself as rather awkward it must be confessed,
though not altogether uncompleted circle. Both exist.
yet we and by one of them must the other have been created
This Yet for its creation of the one there is no thing no person is there but the
other. By the constitutional branch law is determined by whom the
powers exercised by the imperative branch shall be exercised. But
by the imperative branch must be determined by whom the
power required by the constitutional branch so it shall, and
by whom they shall not be exercised.

In the case of a democratical government in its compleatest form, the paradox riddle is solved, the paradox is reconciled
to truth. The people great order of the community composed of all such of its members, as
on the occasion in
question our being capable
of acting out accordingly,
in a say for shortness
in one word — the people
are in fact the constituents of all
parts: in proportion to their obedience, and no otherwise, has it
place. Under the same democratical government, the people
accordingly must not take upon themselves in personam to
ordain, to order by whom the powers belonging to the imperative
branch shall be, and thence by whom they shall not be, exercised.
But when to the purpose, by these same <add>aggregate of individuals, power belonging to the imperative branch
has been exercised, no other power belonging to that service is

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