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1829. Aug. 16
Reformists reviewed
Reformists classed



In this class should our research not present us as yet with
any more than one individual, this will not form any decisive
objection: the receptacle will
remain open ready at
all times for the receptacle
of as many
individuals as can
be found entitled to
to a place in it

Looking about for this same approximation we can find
nothing no one nearer than this same so often mentioned Jeremy Bentham.

That with a view relation had to this our purpose, he is no better
than a makeshift we <add> are free to acknowledge and this on two grounds:
In the first place because those words of his in which his title to the
appellation in question would have been those only possible grounds
are not yet compleated, in the next place because were
they even completed, he not having a crown in his hand,
in common nothing better than a scrap of a straw hat
they would not be faultless. Now assuredly with all our partiality
were we for such a purpose to take up them up and examine them should
we find them so: though of such a multitude of persons
in authority whom by his attacks those which men were ever more
or more galling he has for such a multitude of years during so long a career been
provoking to retaliation by no one either retaliation or so much as
self-defence has been attempted.

Of all the abovementioned ramifications not one
is there that is not familiar to him. Not one is there
in which he has not made progress, not only in the indication exposure
of the abuse but in the preparation of the
remedy; not one is there in which he has not already done
more than all other men taken together, or gone deeper
than all other men taken together

Now as to the second ramification taken in this
order. 1. Constitutional Law. On this part of the field
he has obviously a system: and that system all-comprehensive. (a) Add notes of Official
Aptitude maximized &c.

This ha At present however, those parts
excepted which belong to the Judiciary Establishment, this branch
is not on the official carpet: L accordingly no exhibition
in relation to it or to that same exception excepted, no exhibition is he offering.

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jeremy bentham


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arthur moore; richard doane


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