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1829. Aug. 16
Reformists reviewed
Reformists classed


II Semi-reformists
Ultra—all comprehending

Mr Peel is either a Lord Eldon or the
Eldons orders for the gulphs of while paying for it.

In relation to law and legislation there were shewn two directions
there are, to the performance of which any biped without feathers
how small so ever his stock of capital in the institutional shape
may be, may be not incompetent. One is the delivering commands
which when he and or she is possessed of power in an entire appropriate
shape and quality is called making laws: provided
always that in the list of these laws, as under matchless constitution
as those of England no matter either ratiocinative
expositive, or instructional be necessary to be created: nothing
over and above the pure enactive.

The other is the raising of doubts. Every Bull or
Cow, Horse, Man or Gelding, Ram or Ewe or . Every
or every Ass or Mule is capable of raising dust in the
material form: Every biped without feathers is competent to
the raising it in the metaphorical or say figurative forms. But
though all is competent to the raising more or less of it, all
are not in an equal degree skilful and powerful in this
exercise: all accordingly are not capable of earning £30,000
a year by the performance of it

No Lord Eldon no—guarding Lord High Chancellors
in powerful preeminence—a preeminence so powerful in a degree
to those at whose expence it is has been exercised painful in a degree
in which it is painful even to think far less to a feeling made indeed with feeling—a
by which all other and professors have been left behind
has been displayed by . To him in this the public
is due. Without benefit or need of of the Lord of the
castle are capable of being like those which speaks raised under any the
Gods his Lordship is assumed—
his among location among the servants of that
class is secured beyond all pain of practice by the utmost
eloquence of the Devils advocate.
Laws made by Lady the Countess should have for them
applied doubts raised by the Earl of Eldon—not less valuable would laws to this the doubts which the fields of the good people of England were so long entitled to receive as substitutes .

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