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1829 Aug. 4
Reformists Reviewed

II Eldon & Peel

(1) (1

Pseudo Reformists
Eldon and Peel

or 1
Lord Eldon the non
reformist and Peel
the pseudo reformist

1 Enter Lord Eldon and his pupil Mr Peel

1. Enter hand in hand, Lord Eldon and Mr
Peel. Master, the Lord High Anti-reformist, and Apprentice,
the Pseudo-Reformist: Reform served all along by Mr
Mr Peel the Home Secretary, as by Jehu, Baal.

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Of the maleficence
of Equity a portion
uncovered to the
public eye. Something
must be done a
Committee proposed
a Commission given
as better suited to
conceal the deformity.
<p>I. As to the Commissioners Of the nakedness of the hag yielded Equity a
hag still more obviously filthy and maleficent than her elder sister
Common Law, a corner had been uncovered in the
House of Commons to the eyes eye of Public Opinion had been
drawn down to upon it: something was to be done: Let
us look at into the matter a little more closely, said somebody
Give us a Committee.. A Committee? Oh no: quoth Mr
that is will not do the business You shall have something better that will: do not: you
shall have a Commission. Then p said Mr Peel: [and] out accordingly
the Commission came. Consistently with Parliamentary usage A Committee could not have been granted
but that some one person at least in whose breast no such
desire as that of seeing the abuse perpetrated augmented and perpetuated together with all
possible increase must have been a member of it: what
as Lord Coke would have said would have been uncovered.
In and by a Commission this inconvenience was completely obviated.
Among the maxim of matchless constitution, maxim
too punctually observed to need to be printed and published
is the maxim which from Blackstones story of the self-evidencing
and self-bearing paper may be stated the Justice expression
a self-justification establishing maxim. In all its
wisdom it has never yet pleased Honourable House to send
up a Bill giving in all cases of felony robbery and murder the nomenclature of
the Jury to the Defendant. Why? Because a law Bill
to any such effect to pass, the persons and property of Honourable
Members would not be altogether so secure as on this accord
it is desirable that they should be.

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