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1829 Aug 14

Reformists reviewed

II. Eldon and Peel

(3) (3) Anti-Reformists
Eldon & Peel

To forcible depredation
a sudden death by
murder — by which
Honourable Gentlemen
might would be liable
to become sufferers
fraudulent depredation
& lingering murder
by which they might
be gainers substituted

On every occasion Whenever on which your wish is to put down amend to an abuse
you commit the task to those all who thus share in it

Substitute the robbery and down right <add> the murder by instantaneous death murder substitute
unpunishable depredation

To robbery forcible depredation and murder by instantaneous sudden death
both punishable substitute fraudulent depredation and murder
by lingering death both unpunishable, the case as
would have said is now altered. By As the forcible depredation
and instantaneous sudden murder Honourable Gentlemen would
decidedly be liable to become sufferers. By the fraudulent
depredation and lingering murder they might it is true
become sufferers, but they might may also become in various ways gainers. Honourable Honourable
men Not to speak of themselves, Honourable as well as Non honour his Sons
and Younger Brothers: all of whom have all of and in a
rationabites part of the of the depredation, either in
possession or expectancy have vested interests. To detrimens
on substantial grounds, whether by this same compound of
depredation and murder they hand upon the whole must be
given or to have required the main of the more of more labour than they were willing
and with more discernment than they were able to bestow,
they accordingly did in this case occasion <add> by this question as they do when a
settlement is made of their estates; they left it the matter to those
whose interest it was and is to choose them, and whose determination
to be determined by that interest was and is as indebateable
on this occasion as on every other.

The arrangements for
stopping Lord Eldon's
depredations accordingly
committed to Lord Eldon

L To the case of Lord Eldon was accordingly
committed the choice of the functionaries person by in whom were
to originate the arrangements by which a stop was to be
put to the depredation committed by Lord Eldon, and aptitude
for the functions of his high office substituted to that
inaptitude which in on the part the Noble and learned Law Lord had become so notorious
inaptitude for every thing but the perpetuation and
extension of that same depredation and the unpunishable
murders which it were the makers with enquiry
into might be seen following in the trace of it

Given the character of the person choosing, given
the characters of the persons chosen. The proposition is not the Duke
of the proposition is not to be found, but among all that
them, there is not one
that is now incontestable

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