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1822 March 25 Omitted - this note?
Rid Yourselves

or 1.
Elements of greatest numbers greatest happiness.
objects of general desire at government's disposal
1. Subsistence
2. Abundance
3. Security
4. Equality
Of subsistance and abundance, common instruments, matter of wealth; sole difference quantity

3 Security or 2
Objects for which security is looked for from government
1. Person
2. Reputation
3. Property
4. Situation or Condition in Life (Sole real entity, person') Property, on matter of wealth. Condition in life, including reputation, property, and of power whichever is established: of which greatest happiness sanctions so much only as in contributory to greatest happiness of greatest number.

or 3.
Security is against evil or say damage
Cause of damage is either
1. Purely physical agency
2. Human agency: damage-producing acts and misdeeds, and other acts

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or 4.
Power, to be certain and permanent, can not exist, but in proportion to subjection, in a certain quantity, even of the sort which exists not but by subjection, is indispensable to Government.
But, as to all beyond that, and the natural power necessary to being and well being of the species, greatest-happiness principle interdicts power, and requires that in so far as it exists, the greatest quantity in one hand be minimise.
1. Proportioned to irresistible to power is subjection.
2. Of power in a given quantity in each, the pleasure is as the number of possessors: in the same possessors, it is not as the quantity of the power.

Against damage by misdeeds of functionaries, need of security is greater than against do. by non functionaries being ir resistible; functionaries irresistible. To give this security professes your Code. Where?

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4. 6.
Equality. Required by greatest happiness principle not absolute only practical. Absolute inconsistent with being as well as well-being of Society, in itself ipossible: required, the nearest appropriateach consistently with security. Reason. By every inequality loss to A greater than gain to B.

Such as to external instruments of felicity are the interests of the greatest number: what, do. of ruling few, including, ruling one, where there is one? Their interest is that the portion in their hands be maximized: though, it being all taken from subject many, subject many's loss is always greater than ruler's gain: and, if it were no greater, suffering from loss is greater than enjoyment from correspondent and opposite gain.

In addition to overproportion of those sweets of Government ruler's interest requires all the maximum of the sweets of misgovernment. See 12. These are
1. Factitious dignity.
2. Vengeances i.e. faculty of inflicting evil with impunity.

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3. Ease: viz. at the expence of official duty.

Of factitious dignity, the existence is incompatible with greatest number's greatest happiness. Reasons
1. Exaltation not producible but by correspondent familiarization.
2. Beneficence lessened: less the need of kindness, the less is shown to others.
3. Up By delusion, greatest kindness is ascribed, when least exists.

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