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Box 34 contains material relating to Bentham's massive, unfinished Constitutional Code, which contains the most important statement of Bentham's theory of constitutional democracy. This was the major work of his final years, and was addressed to 'all nations and all governments professing liberal opinions', as when drafting the Code he had been encouraged that it could be adopted in Portugal, Greece, and a number of South American nations.

As with Box 41 and Box 42, this batch of material deals with the establishment of a judiciary, but also how the problem of sinister interests would be dealt with, sublegislatures within a federal system, the development of a 'defensive force' and the creation of territories.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 76: First lines - marginalia [1815, 1820-27]
  • Folios 77 to 84: Preface and short rationale [1821-24]
  • Folios 85 to 87: Constitutional Code or Codification proposal, Draughtsman single [1821]
  • Folios 88 to 92: Aptitude, sureties [1821-22]
  • Folios 93 to 102: Junction of interests, how affected, or Sinister Interests, how overpowered [1822]
  • Folios 103 to 214: First lines - Quasi-Jury [1821-23]
  • Folios 215 to 217: To come in at the conclusion of what is said on the Judicial Establishment [1823]
  • Folios 218 to 252: Appellate judges [1823-24]
  • Folios 253 to 257: Law practitioners, capacity for office [1823-24]
  • Folios 258 to 296: Judiciary collectively [1823-27]
  • Folios 297 to 301: Sublegislatures, observations of the federative system [1824]
  • Folios 302 to 303: J[eremy] B[entham] versus Mill, written on Mill's article on Government [1824]
  • Folios 304 to 307: Defensive force [1824]
  • Folios 308 to 312: Territory, name [1825-26]
  • Folios 313 to 315: Conclusion, supplement [1826]
  • Folios 316 to 318: Supplement, chapter IX, ministers severally [1826-27]
  • Folio 319: map of England divided into squares of 20 miles a side

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