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Septr 15
Constitutional Code

27 or 14.
7. From all but the patients,
concealment of
every thing that passes
during the torture.
The contest being between
will and will, the strongest
sure of victory, reasons
addressed by understanding
to understanding
would be sure not
to be efficient, nor in
addition to all that the
advocates on that side
could offer, would be
likely to occurr.
To conquer or die is the
determination: to yield
or die being another alternative,
soon is the
conquest obtained by
him who, to the strongest
will, adds the most enduring
In Quasi jurors, the
will is powerless, and
not employed on others;
by the understanding of
each is produced what
he wills for the understanding
of others.

28. or 15.
8. Legal responsibility
none – by punibility,
none – by dislocability,
none, the situation
terminating of itself,
and being burthensome
rather than profitable.
Quasi-jurors, in case
of self conscious delinquency,

---page break---

29. or 16.
9. Moral responsibility,
none: namely, to the power
of the popular or
moral sanction, by the
instrumentality of the
Public Opinion Tribunals
excepting the minute do.,
on the part of each as
towards his partners in
affliction & perjury
In Quasi jurors, responsibility
in this shape

29 (a). or 16 (a).
By the exclusion of publicity,
those scences by
the shamefulness of which
the eloquence now
would be suppressed,
are kept unrevealed.
By the Devil upon two
sticks these scenes might
be revealed in their
present state.
Were the doors thrown
open, scenes there would
be, sufficient to produce
 ; but not near
so strong as those which
pass in the closed state.

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