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1823 Oct. 17

Constitutional Code
Ch. Quasi-Jury
Functions collective
§ Operative function

33 or 1
Collectively exercised function, the opinative. Judge's recapitulatory statement and decrees delivered, comes Quasi Jury's exercise of this function. Shapes, of which it is susceptible
1. Refusal, to express to
2. Consent, tacit.
3. Consent express.
4. Dissent express to the whole, without proposed substitution or amendment.
5. — to a part
6. Dissent to the whole, with proposed substitution
7. Dissent to a part with proposed amendment.

34 or 2.
Art. 2. Of Quasi Jury's Opinion Registrar makes entry, stating the shape: all shapes presented, silence is taken for consent

35 or 3.
Art. 3. To proposed substitution or amendmt, entry whether judge gives or declines consent.

36 or 4.
Art. 4. In the three first cases, executions unless Appeal, follows.

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1 Enactive
Ch. Quasi Jury
Functions collective
§ Operative function

37 or 5.
So in the four last cases, unless Appeal. As to execution, Penal and non Penal Codes will determine how far Appeal shall stay it, how far not, regard being had to the several cases.

38 or 6.
Art. 6. From Judge's non-compliance, shd preponderant evil be about to ensue, and from compliance not, he will regard himself bound to exercise execution staying functions, as per Ch. XI. §

39 or 7.
Art. 7. Only in consequence of the act of the Quasi Jury, shall entries be made, as above: but the act of the majority is the act of the whole

40 or 8.
Art. 8. To a minority, on this as on all other occasions, to the minority as to all persons, the press will give free expression for their sentiments.

41 or 9.
Art. 9. On Quasi Jury's request, Pursuer General present is expected to help them in giving apt form to proposed substitutions or amendments.

Art. 10. So, the Defender Genl

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Ch. Quasi Jury

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Ch. Quasi Jury Trial
§ Operative function

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