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1821. June 16 Constitutional Code or Codification Proposal 7. Draughtsman Single

So much as to absolute aptitude: aptitude of the several
parts or great divisions of the proposed vast whole, taken each
part by itself: now as to consistency, as between part and part.
Only in so far as the original sketch is the work of a single
hand, can any consistency, in the views and texture of it, be
reasonably expected. Take any part of it — any paragraph (suppose)
considered by itself. Of no two persons can any such paragraph
have been the work, performed exactly in the same
words and exactly at the same time. In this or that small
number of instances, for some particular purpose, such as the
affording a disproof of this assertion, the thing might perhaps be
done. But, for a work of any such length as that in question,
no such mode of operation, it may be confidently asserted, could
ever be carried into effect, or so much as be seriously proposed.
Suppose the Draught the work of a spontaneous and uncommissioned
hand, no such draughtsman would think of incumbering
himself with any such associate: as little would any authoritative
functionary think of forcing any two hands thus into association
with each other. True it is, that, when any portion, great or
small, of a work of this or any sort, has already been drawn by
a single hand, it may thereupon and thenceforward, with indisputable
advantage, be subjected, as above, to the consideration
and comment, of any greater number of hands: by greater number, by any or all
of whom conference may thereupon be held with the originally drawing hand:
but by no such subsequent intercommunication
is the original draught rendered the work of none than one
single hand.

It remains then, that, if it be the Draught of more
than a single hand, the mode, in which it is so, must be this:
viz. that one part must be the work of one single hand, another
of another: and so on. But, in this case, one will commence
his part of the work upon one sort of plan, and with one set
of views: another with another sort of plan, and another set of
views; and so on: by no one will any possibility be possessed,
of giving, to the effect of his part of the work, nor consequently,
in so far as depends upon that part, to the whole, any such
adaptation to the abovementioned or any other any possibility common end: of
giving to it any such clearness, correctness and compleatness,
as or

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