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1 Juries

Another cause of the popularity attending this
species of tribunal is what may be stiled its impersonality. Juries
have the virtues of strangers the stranger and the
mad man : they stand in the way of nobody. In more
Strangers are In moral as in physical objects
there is not a greater magnifier nor embellisher
than Distances. Strangers, whose agency is felt
without their persons being seen are more looked
up to than neighbours : the reason is plain.
Their interests do not clash so much — with yours thus our perfections
are not so visible — to give their exaltation does
not so much deport the your relative importance. Kings and other great men are greater and greater the less the people know see of them.
No man says the adage is a hero to his
Valet-de-Chambre. This bar does not stand on
the way of the heroism of Juries — Juries have
no Valet-de-Chambre.

A dead-man is a still more greater and better personage respectable
personage than a stranger. A stranger will make A man must be a stranger to be
a hero : but to be a saint, it has been settled that a man must be a dead man but nothing less than a dead man will make a saint, and
enjoyd the privileges of a dead man for a hundred
years. A dead-man is the best sort of
man imaginable : he may do you good in a thousand
ways : and he can never do you any good in any shape.
He is no never mans rival though he is every mans friend.

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