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What is it that could can have thrown spread
such confusion over men's ideas as to make them
look upon attribute to the branch Jury system
the opposite repugnant good qualities of improving the
contributing to good judicature if promoting
the due execution of the laws in general and of counterailing
their efficacy in the instances where they are
of a poisonous tendency? The growth and continuance of a false and bastard sort of law under the name of Common Law with an authority equal to that of the real. The indifference and
and ignorance of legislators on the one hand the
mixture of bigotry and imposition on the part
of Judges on the other. The habit that Judges
of got into of making laws under pretense of
finding them ready; and the habit that legislators
have contracted of setting laws of so
gross an imposition and so flagrant and mischievous an imposture. Aristocracy
which is the work when it shows itself in the body of the
laws, I mean of the system of Statute-law, the
only system which has any just claim to name
or authority of law can only be prevented & correction
mad in the present
part of that stat. law, nor prevented in future
but by a change made in the constitution of
the legislature: aristocracy which is the work
of Judges may be counteracted sans the mischief mischievous tendency if it controverted mischief of it diminished of it ss. with more or less effect

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