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What if the same persons who now deny to
the Jury all legal exercise of the power of deciding
upon the question of fact be found to should hold
up the Jury system as a system capable
of defending the country of operating as a preservative of to liberty of preserving liberty and against the attacks encroachments
of tyrannical oppressive or otherwise pernicious laws?
What now if such persons should be found amongst
the veteran professors of the law? What must
be their blindness in one case or their falsehood
and treachery in the other?

If Against laws
adverse to liberty are if made by the legislature Juries
otherwise than by perjury can afford no remedy
against them with or without no protection to liberty whether they have or have not the right power of deciding on the question
of law: nor if made by Judges, otherwise unless with and
by by the power of deciding on the question of law.
To call upon upon Juries to preserve liberty against attacks
made upon it by the legislature is to call upon
them to committ perjury. Let them committ perjury if such perjury would be a less evil than the
damage which without it would be done to liberty:
But would it not be better to abstain from perjury
to give up the perjury plan and with truth
on their lips and honest zeal and courage in their hearts, to associate
and call aloud for compel the formation of such a constitution
capable of laying the cap to the root of the evil, and
it while it cleared the laws of all existing tyranny
secured them against from the danger inroads of tyranny in future?

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