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Dissent inseparable from the institution.

I now Having cleared the inquiry subject <add>question</add> of all
considerations that do not belong to it, I come now
to speak of the defects which can not but be placed
to the account of this species of tribunal the institution, being
interwoven with its very essence. These defects
may be summed up in one: reduced to a of one :viz: the
not being answerable to its end in any one point
of view whatever. Take it, indeed, as it stands in practice,
complicated with a variety of accidental concomitants thousand appendages that do
not belong to it,
it has, as we have seen its good points as well
as its bad ones. But all its for what <add>the sprinkling it has of</add> good properties depen
it is indebted for to circumstances
to what is it indebted? Solely to those very appendages that wh do not belong
to it ++ or a set of rules of procedure that might be given to any sort of tribunal, and ought to be given to every one strip it naked and which that might
be safer with equal if not superior advantage
upon a system altogether different quite different system.
and in particular to my system of single elective Judges with advantage Take it as
in it is in itself it has no one single title
to preference: perhaps not even in comparison with the systems establishments generally in use: at any rate
not in comparison of tribunals comprised of single
elective Judges dependent on the people.

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