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Probity caution and intelligence were the leading
terms in that point of the enquiry which lend Judges in general
for its object: the same terms will serve to guide
us here.

As to probity, that quality, considered with references
to Judges in general, stood as we saw stood upon the basis
of responsibility: that is upon the degree of their dependence
upon public opinion of their situation with reference
to the opinion of the people. rested as we
saw upon the ground of true responsibility upon
the degree pf responsibility in which the terms of
his appointment placed him. Single Judges
as found to be preferable in this every point of view
on every account to tribes of Judges. Why? — Because on so
many accounts different ways, their that dependence
grows was weaker and weaker in arithmetical proportion proportion to their
to their multitude number.
What shall we say then of a tribunal in which
the very idea of such dependence, even in the slightest
degree, is altogether out of the question? But
this absolute dependence independence of every thing which can
serve to guard the probity of a judicial character, is
of the very essence of a a Jury. In every other
scheme of judicature all ranks of Judges are
in some shape or other subject to the law of responsibility
. Juries are absolutely exempt from it:
and it is the great boast of the admirers of the institution
that they are so. No despotism that ever
was ever exemplified or devised, ever was so comparable was ever equal to
the despotism of a Jury: here caprice, and every interested

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