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Juries 3 Innate defects Objection Antidote not necessary when no danger of the disease Oh but says somebody, what matters it whether are they the worse
they have any check or no when they have for having nothing to strengthen them against temptation
no improper bias? The case of the rod of the law when they are not exposed to it? Where no infection
and of the public eye is to guard preserve men against can come, why look for antidotes? I answer —
corruption: but to a constitution which has as
infection proof of what use an antidote? why took for antidotes
not the seeds of the disease, which is incapable
of so much as receiving the infection, of what
can all the antidotes in the world be, and what
is it the worse for art possessing them?

Answer 1. This being corruption proof were it true is a security but against one out of three causes of bad judicature I answer in the first place, was it ever probity, were that
so true that probity ever so perfectly out of ever so secure,
danger is but one out of three qualities equally
necessary to good judicature. Improbity, ignorance or carelessness, if injustice takes
place and that with equal frequency, what
signifies matters it for the cause?

But probity in the breast of a Juryman is not little, if at all less exposed
to assaults than in that of an ordinary Judge. If And
if vanquished what matters it by what power it is adversary?
subdued? If vanquished, exposed to assault what matters it whether from
by foreign or from whether by foreign or by intestine foes? If tainted,
what matters it whether naturally or by infection?
The end of judicature is the due execution of the laws.
Probity in a minister of justice consists in a the inalterable
purpose and constant endeavour of conforming to their

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