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Obs. 10

Juries § 4. Innate defects 24 Advantage of the French law in this respect How is it in the present French trials? mode? A
The French know how it is in their tricks of
trial is not there a story like that the charabanque that in Hudribas
complicated and difficult questions. The story is
an of the bear and fiddle, begun and broke off
sifted to the bottom. Truth and the whole truth
in the middle. Every thing is there sifted to the bottom.
sinfully brought to light: all mysteries are cleared
up. The public and all injured the parties injured receive perfect
satisfaction. That there are many bad points features in
their mode of procedure is not to be disputed; but
they as to the present point enquiry are out of the question here.
How is it in the English mode? The trial is
gone through truth is still behind a cloud. Glimmerings of light flash here and there from a thousand incidents, which when all is over are consigned to impenetrable darkness.
over, and all is still in darkness. A thousand
points particulars circumstance particulars which the public would wish to know
and wish which ought to be known, they are highly concerned to know, but which
nobody can ever know. In Is it a civil cause?
all you see is that the Plaintiff can not
make out his case; and so he bases his right. Is
it a criminal case? One criminal only out of a
number multitude is prosecuted: the rest enjoy the fruits of their iniquity in security. because there were no it was
only against that one that there were hopes the
evidence that could be obtained sufficient stood any chance
of being guilty obtained: accessible: but it is not accessible. You see at the same time that others are so too: When the cause is tried
and you know see enough to see be satisfied that he is guilty,
and that he would be regularly proved so, were the evidence In the of the struggle, how often does it happen that perhaps are
others are so too: but who those others are,
or in what degree they are so, is more than any you
can ever are ever to you are to know. A shade at the same time as In

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