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These opinions are not the result of a particular
hasty or superficial view — I have looked round on all sides. I
have gone a hunting for objections for arguments on the other
side. The following are all I have been able to collect.

The following are all the advantages that recollection
or imagination can furnish me with as
having been or as capable of being attributed to
the institution of a Jury Juries. made of trial by

2. The Mediocrity of this condition: This is exhibited
as a circumstance preservative against

a supposed
preservative against a particular kind of

partiality: as a security against wrong decision in
as far as it is liable to have that species of improbity
for its cause. They A jury will not [lean more to
the side of the rich than to that of the poor:
never to the side of]
be disposed to shew more favour to the
rich than to the poor: to men in high station than
to men in low degree. They will not square their decisions
by aristocratical prejudices, nor direct them to aristocratical

The answer is, that you can not tell what they
will do, nor how they will be disposed. Some will be
disposed one way; some another. + + Will they so much as offend any severity against partiality on the artistocratical side? — Nothing like it. Such is the fascinating
quality favour of the gifts of fortune superiority that it
of power and rank and wealth that they not only
the outward class as governs the outward deportment
influence the conduct of men [in the lower and middle
ranks of life
of those who look up to it, but seduces and the subjugates their
affections: +2 +2 and even in secret where all over-weening influence is removed a man will often lean more to the side of one endorsed with those possessed of that advantage than of one and the curse of wealth and rank shall <add>will </add>
of find more real favour in the sight of a man below
than those near</del> of his own level. Be this as it may of the

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