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class out of which it will be thought proper to take
Jurymen will always see a part the bulk of the people under beneath
their feet: and that part will be a vast majority.
The tyranny weight Take mankind through, the weight of superior station is observed to bear
hardest heaviest upon the class immediately below: tyranny,
being naturally where it is not overawed checked, being
irritated, by the apprehension of resistance. the nearer the classes, The the more intercommunication; and the more clashing of autocrats. Then Divide
the whole body of the nation for this purpose people into
three classes: the first bears hard upon the second: being
the second upon the third. This The great jealousy is
between the highest and the middle one, and between
the middle one and the lowest. Between the highest
and the lowest there is rather a natural alliance
than a natural hostility: they are the enemies of
each others enemies. Apply this to particulars It is from the class of farmers
that you will take Jurymen not from the class of
labourers in husbandry: but if the labourer has any
thing of oppression or partiality to apprehend, it is much
more from the farmer than from the farmer's landlord.
It is from the class of master-manufacturers
that you will take jurors Jurymen; not
from that of journey-men in the same branch.
but if the journey man has any thing of to oppression or partiality to apprehend, it is much more from
the master manufacturer than from the rich customer. (a)
(a)Note It is by aristocratical blindness and aristocratical prejudice led that we are led to regard this institution as an antidote against aristocratical injustice. Where is the political speculator, unless it be Rousseau, in whose to whom the interests of the real majority of the people have been really first in view? This supposed nominal mediocrity of condition, were it a principle
that could be depended upon, would therefore be somehow adverse
to impartiality, rather than favourable. But it is not to bedepended

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