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look at the Juryman uncontrovertible, irresponsible
whose caprice or antipathy or unknown interest or secret
vengeance may decide his will and whose
will is his only law, and to whom a certain
dose of obstinacy from whatever source derived
gives power to subdue all his fellows.

3This argument would have Quitting the strict
sense of the word decide does the argument observation
mean that and if under this regimen no
man one ever meets the man who has it in his
power to pervert render the Law into an the instrument
of his destruction: it is not true of this system: it
can not be true of any. Under our my system
even the word constituted one a Judge how ever ill-disposed, the station of a Judge, how ill
so-ever filled is the person station of all others from
whom such an injury is least to be apprehended
. A false witness may compel extract extort
an unjust conviction from the most upright
Judge. What could Appsius have done or so much as attempted, without his A Judge however profligate can not of
himself form a scheme for oppressing ruining a man
without the help of a false witness. Infinite is the
mischief that may be done by a bad judge: but
rarely indeed does it depend upon him to choose
his victim. The worst Judges upon record have
not done so: not Bacon in the civil line: not Scroggs
not Jefferies in the criminal. Bad & Judges are

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