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Frightful is the epithet which the honourable
gentleman gives on this occasion to dispatch.
Dispatch frightful? why frightful? What <add>should make it so? </add> To the public,
to the Defendant, to innocence, to truth, to justice, or to
mercy, where whose are the advantages of delay? Is it the practice of the Judges of this summary tribunal
to shut the door against evidence? Are they
no more likely to do so for its being a summary one?
There indeed would be To such procedure might indeed
be termed frightful: but this is not dispatch: This would indeed be frightful. But would this be dispatch? No the name for such an abuse would be not dispatch but partiality and injustice. Would delay be a compensation for such injustice? No, surely but an aggravation.. this
is the partiality and injustice. An A manufacturer merchant
is found with exciseable goods in his possession
without the requisite permits— they are secured by
an Excise-officer, taken along with the proprietor
taken before the Justice of the Peace
and condemned,
and all in the compass of a quarter of an hour
dispatch there is, if any thing can be: but where
is the mischief of it. Suppose the same thing
accomplished in the regular way mode: what would the
defendant or any body have been the better for it?
a gainer by the change? a twelvemonths vexation,
and a few score or a few hundred pounds of
expense. For every action some time is : Whichever
is the act to be done, some time to do it in certainly is


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