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necessary: it has a man evidence to produce? Time,
delay so much, as is necessary must be allowed him
for its production. But if more unemploy'd
time what is the use to any body? What is Where is a
the advantage to a man to have time for producing man the better for having time given him for production
of evidence when there is no evidence to
produce? If time necessary for doing any act
requisite for his just defense is denied refused to any man, that
denial refusal and not dispatch is the consists the real grievance he has
undergone: Such is the prejudice sophistry by which lawyers have raised the that enormous mass load of the prejudices in that militates in favour of that the technical mode system of procedure. Because every thing requires time to do it in, every thing is supposed to be done by time: and the quality as well as quant. have been kept enthralled involved plunged by this interested sophistry with artifices of lawyers. Why if the work is supposed to be in proportion to the quantity of the time. if there has been no such refusal, where
is the harm of dispatch, and what is there grievance is there to complain
of? in the case?

Such is the state of delusion in which lawyers have
plunged into the understandings of public men. have been envelopped by their natural enemies and pretended guardians and constructors. thus to perfectly
have these been blinded blind have rendered them clearest and nearest to their greatest
interests! thus I compleatly mindfully have they been taught
to mistake clas mistake evil for good and good for
evil to quarrel with every thing that is pure and
excellent, to clasp to their bosom every thing that
is foul corrupt and mischievous in the system of procedure. that provides
for the execution of the laws
Truth, Justice, Frugality, Simplicity, Dispatch, all
these friends to humankind they have been led to
view look upon push cast from them with horror: Falsehood, Suppression of truth
ruinous expense, complication, precipitation and
delay, all these enemies vipers to justice and to felicity
may have been taught to caress smile upon nurture to worship and cherish and take into their bosoms.

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