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his individual circle it is the to the benefit
of the profession they are dedicated not to
that of the public except in as far as by an
unfortunate entanglement in virtue of the by an entanglement not often much exemplified extended interests of the
public are found inseparable from those the narrowof
the profession. The consciousness that the law of libels if executed would not leave a single individual producing no reluctance unwillingness to bear his part in executing it Some cultivation of The contents
of his note-book or a compilation
or abridgment of the notes of others such is
the utmost service which the public has
ever been known to reap from such a
quarter, and that scarcely till after death, and that in very few instances, and scarcely
[and nor perhaps with the authors' intention will]
but whensoever or howsoever it appears
it comes to light much vaunted.
that the civil law affords no justice, and the penal law no security The memory of hundreds ruined with his
participation and to his profit, many of these by his frauds and misrepresentations of his own directed in despite of the known dictates of justice to that very end the spectacle of hundreds of others still ruined by his authority an authority without remorse because without reproach produces no wish to stir a finger towards shutting
the door against the like calamities in
future. The consciousness that no man
can take buy his chance for justice before from a
Jury [not even for an injury to the value
of a shilling for which there is no other remedy]
without at less price than from those to
four or five or fifteen or fifty years
average income expenditure of a British subject produces

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