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27 May 1808 8

- The case is - that under in this state of things it is
in the power of any single individual in the station
of Juryman to command a verdict, and there to the
conviction of all harbour a false one, thus by the
voluntary perjury of one, forcing producing the involuntary perjury eleven others to perjure

How then is a receipt, nor and that one unobvious one by which any man party
who either already proffesses or can continue manages so as to gain
a single individual to seek a proper a single individual out of twelve jurymen,
may command the verdict. To its other properties
this inessential function of the institution adds therefore that of being
an incentive encouragement to corruption, and that of the most
powerful kind.

A story which current upon this occasion, and the
design of which when related has commonly been that
of recommending these factors to public favor in the character
of a security to the innocent Englishmen's lives, an institution arrangement
of the most nation friendly and conducive to the ends of justice, may have
in this reason
true or false, serve the purpose of illustration.

A man is indicted for murder. He is innocent,
but by a regular concurrence of circumstances, the
evidence, being chiefly of the circumstantial kind bears is known to bear strong
against him. By the force <add>influence of the known circumstances</add> The real author of the death is
screened from . This concurrence tortures him.
One death howsoever produced, sat heavy on it: and
now the death of another person, altogether innocent,
and with whom he himself had had no quarrel,
is about to be added to the load. What (says he to himself)
shall I do to save him? - I have hit upon it.&

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