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27 May 1808 19 9

4. Ask him whether in his opinion the application of
torture applied to a person to whom his offence is impartial
is a sort of instrument the application of which which when thus applied, bids
fair for being subservient to the ends of Justice. — Yet
will it at least as difficult as before to extract from him any
direct answers: but if by any thing you can say to
him you can prevail upon him to give over, he will
tell you give you to understand that at this time of day
he should not have expected any such question unless it was but from
an officer in of the Inquisition: nor yet one from such a
quarter another, not understanding it to have ever
been the even in that theater of cruelty to
employ any such infraction under any other supposition
than that of probably guilt on the part of the individual
to whom it was is applied, nor till unless unwarranted by
evidence such as in under other systems of providers some would already be sufficient
for conviction.

Not Obvious that of all these qu for those for four questions
such as these you will not at any rate find it necessary to
choose four different prisons: for whether to preview your
design or not, you will scarcely meet with a man
who will endure any two of them together: he will to
give you to understand that in conception either you
mean to put an affront upon him, in which case he
would be glad to see recommend it to you to choose some
other persons or that you have some jest at bottom, in
which case he would wish you to choose some other
occasion or some other subject.

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