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14 Feby 1809

(18) (13)

The By running his head into a bush, and keeping
his eyes fast closed, the Irishman in the jest-book story,
conceived himself to be giving himself an effectual protection
against the scrutiny of his pursuers: among the discoveries ascribed to the illustrious
Fit Fichte a successful follower in the track of discovery
traced out by the illustrious Kant is that of an a most simple expedition
mode of destroying and recreating the material world at pleasure —
an operation effect the production of which every the most simple
of men may find it in their power to produce at any
time, by so simple a process as that of shutting and
opening his own eyes.

In the reverend Mr Justice Blackstone's and the reverend
Doctor Paleys every-thing-is-as-it-should-be
school it shoul should seem a notion seems to have
prevailed obtained — a notion which if it did obtain seems to have
obtained but too ample a confirmation from experience,
is that whether by the opening of his own eyes he
it be or be not in his power, to open those of his pupils,
by shutting his own eyes it is at any rate in his power
and alas with but too little difficulty, and so but too
great an , to shut them.

In Volume the first, the text and purpose of the day requiring that the perjury,
by whomsoever committed Jurors Jurymen or others should
be prevalent in pulpit strong colours, it is accordingly painted
in those glaring ones with by which the reader, if it be not his own fault, has been already

In Volume the second, the purpose of the day requiring
that the perjury part of the imperfection which if even if
real is minute (one of the two only imperfections discernible in that "pure and wise and equal administration of the laws" which is enjoyed in the perfection then and there described) to 267 should be kept out of sight altogether, An

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