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1821. April 26. First Lines Constitutional

II. Remains to be shown how it is, and whence it is,
that the state of moral aptitude with relation to the
functions in question being in the exacted situations in question
such as has been described, the conception, commonly entertained
in relation to it, has commonly been so opposite to the state of things
as thus described, and thereby so incorrect and opposite to truth.
The cause of this delusion may be seen in the influence exercised
by the high alliance — by the confederacy of power, factitious dignity
and the excessive opulence partly through the medium of corruption,
partly through the medium of force and intimidation on those
discourses, written as well as oral, particularly those in the presenting
themselves constantly to view in the written form by in
which information is conveyed respecting this quarter of the field of thought and action in which instruction is sought,
and by which opinion and affections are moulded.

Take, in the first place, opulence even in that minor
degree of of force with which it operates when the field of its operation
is confined to private life. Proportioned to the quantity
of the matter of opulence which a man has at his command
will be the quantity in which those who are in habits with him,
or entertain a prospect of being in habits with him, may expect to
share. Proportioned to the intensity of their respective appetites for
such share will naturally be their endeavours to procure for those appetites
their appropriate qualification according to all such actions and discourse together means safe
and not disreputable as they see within their reach. Proportioned
to the success of such their endeavours will be their non self-satisfaction
and that aptitude as towards the author of it can scarcely
fail, in some way or other, to be the accompaniment of it. In
action as well as discourse, more particularly in discourse as being
the cheaper article, will this gratitude, real and feigned together,
find expression and give itself vent.

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