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Box 36 contains material relating to Bentham's massive, unfinished Constitutional Code, which contains the most important statement of Bentham's theory of constitutional democracy. This was the major work of his final years, and was addressed to 'all nations and all governments professing liberal opinions', as when drafting the Code he had been encouraged that it could be adopted in Portugal, Greece, and a number of South American nations.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Folios 86-100, 102-25, 128-35, 136-41, 142-9, 156-63, 169-70, 180-4, 195-203 have been transcribed and published in First Principles Preparatory to Constitutional Code, ed. P. Schofield, Oxford, 1989, and folios 21-3, 25-30, 31-4, 63-72, 50-4 have been transcribed and published in 'Legislator of the World': Writings on Codification, Law, and Education, ed. P. Schofield, Oxford, 1998.

This batch of material mostly deals with the principles behind the ‘’Code’, as well as how the monarchy would fit into the new political establishment.

The material is arranged as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 52: First lines of a proposed Code [1821]
  • Folios 53 to 61: First lines – supreme operative [1821]
  • Folios 62 to 70: Codification offer or first lines, useless places [1821]
  • Folios 71 to 74: Monarchy [1821]
  • Folios 75 to 100: First principles [1822]
  • Folios 101 to 208: Rationale, supreme operative [1822]
  • Folios 209 to 215: Preface [1823]
  • 'Folios 216 to 274’: Enactive, ruling principles [1823]
  • Folios 275 to 282: Expositive, end in view [1823]
  • Folios 283 to 291: Enactive part, preface [1824, 1826, 1827]

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