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1821 Apr 16

Traveller April 9th. 1821. In Prussia, no military promotion till
after examination.

Financial Law has for its proper end economy.
Of economy there are two branches; the one positive or say
distributive; the other negative or say restructive: the one, the distributive
— the positive branch; the other restructive — the negative branch.

The distributive branch, has for its object the apt due approbation
of the aggregate of the sums levied to the several services for which
they are levied.

The restructive branch has for its object avoidance to levy any
of all exaction, the burthens omneness of which is not outweighed
by the usefulness of the application made of it.

For judging the consistency of any mass of expenditure
with the proper ends of economy take for a test this directive rule:
with all the alleged benefit, all urged to be expected, from the expenditure
compare the unquestionable burden produced by that same
a part to the same amount, to the most burthensome
tax: forego the benefit, the burden is excluded.

Economy in a state, Taken in its narrowest and most
ordinary sense, Economy in a state, has for its subject matter money
and money's worth: taken in its most extensive sense, it
comprehends the matter of reward, in those additional shapes
in which ti is to Government, that it is indebted for its existence
viz power and factitious dignity.

To simply discontinuative
rentrenchment a negative act
suffices; to abrogative, a positive
act is necessary - the enactment
of an appropriate
ordinance law or regulation. For the actual
ends of Financial Law see Constitutional

Suppose negative economy, practice at all times in its
utmost perfection, no positive act is required for the accomplishment
of its end: suppose a failure to any amount to have
taken place, waste to that amount has been committed. There
upon comes the demand for a new branch of economy — the
reformative: — say in one word retrenchment.

Retrenchment in either of both of two shapes — simply discontinuative & abrogative: simply discontinuative is confined to the case
when the species of expenditure discontinued has been made over for all?
not constitutive a point in a line of established expenditure: abrogative is
necessary in so far as a line of that has place.

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