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1821. June 1st

source of waste and corruption — Pensions of retreat

In the first place, these may be stated as being altogether
needless: and to say that what is thus disposed of is given needless needlessly
is to say that it is given in waste.

Allowances is thus made may either be made with certainty,
in virtue of general rules applied to all individual cases,
or incidentally for special cause assigned in each individual
case. To the first case, preferably at least if not exclusively apply
the observations following.

Labour applied directly to a man's own use, or indirectly
in exchange for an equall equivalent given by an individual in
return for it, is one source of subsistence: labour employed for
an equivalent in the service of Government, that is of the public
at large, is another source. In the first case, generally speaking, no such allowance
of reward after service has ceased has place. First, in the case
of him whose subsistence is derived from dealing with the
public at large, as in the case of a wholesale or retail trader,
a master manufacturer, an artizan, or a manufacturer, it
is impossible. In the case of habitual service rendered by contract to an
individual, there is no custom for it. The case of incapacity produced
by age or disease, is a case equally open to expectancy in
both instances. From the time of his embarking in his profit-
seeking occupation, a man makes for all such contingencies such
provision as his means enable him to make, and his presence
disposes him to make. For the securing to individuals any such
extraordinary supply at the expence of the public there is,
if there be any difference, less demand in the case of an occupation
pursued by the rendering of service to the public
for hire, than in the case of him whose subsistence, as above, is
derived from commercial dealings with individuals.

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