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1820 October

So far as concerns individuals, all this being but mere
supposition, let us now close with that another supposition, which, to every
generous and feeling mind will be by a so much the more
acceptable supposition. one. Let us suppose tThe conduct of
the functionary be he who he may, be supposed conformable to that is perfectly is now in perfect conformity with his profession:
let it it be supposed it be is without spot. immaculate. How irksome must it
not then be to him, to be all along acting under a system, , under which
while he is acting no man he can not, to by any m
discerning mind, be regarded as otherwise than, more or less corrupt!
How extrem odious to every man intolerable to a man of real probity will To every man
of real probity how odious will not every such situation
how odious will not the system be by which all honest
men are placed in it  ! what will not how anxious
will be his anxiety he not be to embrace every chance for the substituting
a pure system to this one system and with all
possible promptitude to foul technical system, a pure and
rational one!

But Under a system, by which he is placed in such a s so degrading
a situation: — how odious must it not be in his case? how
anxious must he not be to embrace, with the utmost promptitude every chance that
presents itself for seeing subs a every the smallest chance for
seeing substituted. for seeing substituted to this foul and technical
system of procedure a pure and rational one? I have said foul and
technical. But, foul and technical when applied to a system of pro judicial procedure will one day be universally
understood to be synonymous terms: of such sort that when
technical is said of it, foul will not need to be added to it be
put aside as superfluous.

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