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1822 Aug. 12 +
Constitut. Code

Chapter 1. First principles indicative of the foundation
of this proposed Constitutional Code

§. 1. First principles described in general orders

To Whatever to the part portion of the field of thought and action
the literary work in question belongs, it has been found convenient
and is accordingly usual, to place at the beginning of it
some opinion or opinions, embracing in their extent, the
whole of the portion in question, or as large a portion of it
as may be.

On this occasion a number of mutually related expressions are found needful
and or convenient, and accordingly in fact are usually employed

Take for example - First principles (1) - Leading principle (2) First lines (3) - Outlines, (4)
Positions (5) Axioms (6) - Aphorisms (7)

If the design in writing is the composition of the work the

design be to recommend a certain course of action as proper to ought to be, or say
be pursued, for the attainment of a certain end, thereupon can contain other words and phrases

of concommitantly extensive import. Of this sort are Ends (a) Objects of pursuit (b) means (c)
Obstacles (d) - helps (e) - counterforces, (f) acting in opposition to the obstacles

When the object of the inquiry and discussion is what is
the course of action which with relation to the field in question
is proper to be pursued, are a necessarily concommitant object
of regard throughout is - the course actually pursued: pursued
in the community which the writer has in view.

If the course actually pursued is, in on all points the
same with the course proper to be pursued, it is well: and
and unless on the supposition that in default of opposite wa
warning and instruction a departure, to an extent more
or less considerably may have place, any work on the subject
in question would be unless used can not eve by him be in whose opinion and
coincidence has place can not be undertaken

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