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1820 Dec. 18
Codification Proposal

Evil 2. Numbers of competitors lessened.

It will be lessened by the exclusion non-appearance of all such otherwise
apt portion competitors as by the approtance of the want of interest (in the English phrase,)
by of the want of protection (in the French phrase) – in a word
of the want of appropriate favour in the eyes of those in who the choice
depends, would will be deterred from entering the lists.

By the introduction of the act of factitious reward in
the shape in question, the case would be rendered a case of
patronage: On of patronage, that is to say in the hands of him or them on whose the person or persons on whom the choice of the
individual or individuals to whom the service will the its reward
altogether is shall be allotted. The patronage may be in the hands depends. As to patrons, and this number,
of the many of the few or of they may be many, few, or one: of the whole Legislative Assembly
for example, or a Legislative Committee of the Assembly, for a
Council of Ministers, of the President of the Legislative Committee
or of the Minister of Justice. With respect to the result in question
no one of these divorsities diversifications will make any considerable difference.
In the eyes of every person the situation of Patron patron, in the
eyes of every person in the situation of protegé the reward
will eventually in the ordinary course of things be at the least the principal object, the service if an object
at all, at the utmost a subordinate one. But the greater
the reward, the greater in all these several eyes will be the
ratio of its importance to that of the service: the greater the
reward, the less therefore will be the chance, the service has,
of being in the highest degree well performed.

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