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1821. Aug 23.

J.B. to Torreno

Considering what a multitude of Spanish translations
of those works I have seen spoken of as actually made,
and not one of them as having been published, considering,
likewise, the praises that I have seen of them in Spanish
works, accompanied with apprehensions lest the Spanish
people should not be permitted to have the benefit of them,
considering a multitude of other incidents much too numerous
to think of, and all tending to the same inference,
I can not help entertaining some suspicion that, for preventing
those words of mine from seeing the light in the
Spanish language, secret influence, in some shape or other,
from some quarter or other, has been employed. Under these circumstances,
it would be no small satisfaction to me could
I obtain any adequate assurance that, to the impression or publication of the Code which
I propose to submitt to the Spanish Nation, let it contain
what it will, no obstacle, open or secret, will by the ruling
powers be opposed. If there be any individual in the Spanish
Nation in whose power it is to obtain any such assurance,
you, Sir, must be that individual he. Should any one observe to me that,
in my instance; as in the instance of every other person,
that liberty must be subject to the controul put upon it by the
text of the proposed law, I answer, that the controul is such
as, in the case in question, so in most others, allows the ruling
powers to punish any man they feel disposes to punish,
for any thing they may be pleased to name.

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