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1824 Novr 7 Ch.VX. Ministers Collectively Constitutional Code §.13 Located Law

Art.21 As to every affected situation subordinate to
that of Minister there will be two Locators: the initiative
and the confirmative. Exceptions excepted, as to every
office subordinated to his, that is to say sub

By When in office is to be filled

every Office in his Subdepartment the initiative Locator
as the Minister: confirmative the Prime Minister.

Art.21. Exceptions, if any will remain to be excepted by the Legislature.
Art.31 If in any Subdepartment any initiative
Locator is established other than and subordinate
to the Minister, it will be on account of distance: but
during the interval of time between the day on which the vacancy
at the place in question takes place and the day on which notice of
information of the confirmative of location, the initiative and the confirmative
reaches thethat same place, the service + attached belonging to the situation
so vacated, be stoppedleft unperformed. In this case there will may be two
initiative Locators: temporarily initiative Locator the next superordinate
of this functionary by whose dislocation the vacancy is created: of definitively initiative Locator the Minister

Art.22. Examples of Subdepertments in which
a<add></add> demand for sub initiative Location in hands other
than those of the Minister and thence for temporarily initiative Location are the following is more particularly
apt to leave place and than if temporarily are the following: to wit,

1. The Army Ministers. Subdepartments: functionaries in the Military

2. The Navy Ministers. SubdepartmentSubdepartment functionaries in the Military
branch serving at a distance

3. The Foreign Relation Ministers Subdepartment in the relation
for the Agents stationed in foreign countries.
Vacant situation that of a Secretary of Legature Temporarily
initiative Locator the principal Agent. To well bills
of course the power of and obligation of pd locating her
own depart

In the case of the Army and Navy military functionaries
whosoeverserving at distance so far as regards command are
persons vacancies are filled of course by the establishment
regulation in all by the relation between rank and rank
Not so in respect of the non Military functionaries havingpossessing
charge in relation to provision and in war stores. the severalthe persons
in respect of fortified places.functions procurative, custoditive, applicative, reparative and eliminative: nor

The distinction requiring such temporarily initiative Location
to the Legislature

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