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1823. Oct<hi rend="superscript">r..</hi> 8 +++ Constitutional Code. 7. Enactive Part ch §.20. Judges Attendance on Ordinary Duty

7 Art. 7. Kept by Registrar are Home Service Registers kept: Weekly, Monthly and Annual. In printed Tables under printed heads, manuscript entries
Art.7 By Under the care of the Registrar those printed entries these Home Attendance
Service Registers in a weekly, or monthly and and an
annual one, are constantly kept. They are kept by manuscript
entries, daily made, and in printed Tables, under
appropriate heads.

8 Art. 8. Form of Weekly Home Service Register 1. Vertical columns 7. Heads, names of the Days in the week 2. Horizontal Columns 24 Heads, names of the Hours 3. Quitting the seat, each occupant marks the hours in which he sat. Included in this Table is Day and Night Service Four Weekly Registers in a horizontal line comprise one Monthly Twelve Monthly with the supplement of 29 days an Annual Register
Home Attendance Art. 8. I Weekly Register. Vertical Columns 7: headed with
the names of the days of the week: horizontal column crosses under them and,
24: headed with the names of the hours. On quitting the judgment Seats
each Occupant writes the initials of his name in the compartments expressive
of the several hours during which he has been occupying
it. This In this Register are comprized serves for Day Home duty and Night Home duty
together. Of these weekly Registers, four, placed in a an horizontal
line, comprise a Monthly Register:- the Register of a
Lunar month: Of these Monthly Registers, twelve, with the the
addition of a Supplement, containing the odd 19 29 days, comprise an
at annual Register. Name of this Register, The Home Judges Judicatory's
Home duty Attendance Service Annual Register

9 Art. 9. Kept is the Monthly Register of the Month by type and position legible to the multitude not they stand not many feet distant. the month expires, slid aside it is replaced by the next
Art.9. In a conspicuous part of the Judicature Justice
Chamber, such in <add>type and position such</add> in a in which not a few feet distant as to be
legible to all eyes legible to the eyes of a promiscuous multitude as they stand at not more than a few feet distance, the Monthly
Register of the month is kept hung up.: when that month expired, it is
slid away on one side, and another put in its place, the former one
known remaining still visible.

10 Art. 10. From this Registrar frames Judge Deputes and Judge Individual Service Almanacks
Art. 10. Out of the materials furnished by their
Registers the Registrar frames the Individual Service of Almanack
of each Judge Depute as per §. 17 or §. 18. Art. 8. and
§. 12: art. 10. confer § 17 or 18. or

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