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1823. Octr. 8 + + copd Constitutional Code 1. Enactive Part 1 Ch. XI. Judiciary collectively
S.21 Judges Night Attendance

S 21 Judges' Night Attendance q Used in Ch XII ss 25.

Art. 1. Lest for cases urgent and indefinite in the time generally allotted for repose
exercise of judicial functions for cases of urgency be wanting, attached to every Immediate Judicature is a Night Chamber, in which the Judge Principal
Immediate or some Depute of his, passes the night. It is not What is
expected that to is — not that he shall keep himself awake:: only that, for the purposes of Justit he if asleep
his duty, he should be liable to be awakend. awakened.

Art. 2 The With or without <add>or without the intervention of a Court, the</add> Door of the Night Chamber opens into the
Street. Attached to it on the outside is a Watchbox in which a ministerial
Officer, or succession of ministerial Officers, relieving one <add>another, whose duty it is to keep awake,</add> are stationed for the
night. Over the door is an inscription, inscribed in conspicuous
Characters — The Judges Night Chamber On one one side of
the door is a Table tabular form, in conspicuous formed characters is a [+] set of tables [+] placard intituled
containing, and intituled
concerning admission
on Night business.

Art. 3. By a partition glazed and grated, that part
of the chamber in which the bed is stationed is separated from
the entrance part. [+] [+] of the glazed frame,
the upper part is made
to slide down, when a
person makes his appearance
before the Judge.
Persons To persons coming peaceably in peaceable manner, and and without nois
and annoying clamour desiring to be heard, on business that will not wait would suffer by
delay till daytime, admittance is given by the Doorkeeper,
Watchman: Watchman, as far as to the partition: <add>if armed</add> into his custody if they deliver their arms, if
they have any, are delivered.

Art.4 Of the bed on which the Judge reposes, the feet
are towards the entrance On At each of the two sides and at the feet rise,
a board in a vertical direction, on the two boards at the sides
slides, in a horizontal direction, a another board, called the bridge;
performing the office of a table. On this table lie may
the materials materials for working together with any books or papers of
which there may may be need. To exercise his function all that
the Judge has need to do is but to sit up in this bed.

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