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1826 Novr 4 + copied 1827 Novr. 20

Constitutional Code

Ch. XIII Immediate Judges 11 2 — Night Duty


(a) To many a person in whose conception Suitors were
made for Judges — not Judges for suitors, and that a functionary
whose dignity is that of a Judge should for the performance of any part of his duty, or for any part here so even of the year, be habitually liable
to be waked out of his sleep, will appear altogether unendurable
Better these wrongs reason of all sorts remain without remedy
or multitudes remain sleepless all night long in a state of mutually annoying distressing
intercourse, than that on the part of any such compound of learning and
dignity, any such exposure to any thing such suffering
should ever have place. A physician, yes: a generalissimo, yes:
any person imaginable, but a Judge other than other than the image of God — the King, as the image of the King as a Judge.

Of this Note and some of the preceding articles the object
being to put objectors to shame, by shewing to how inconsiderable
an amount of the minimum of inconvenience is
in this case capable of being reduced, the same sort of person
by whom the to without just indignity alledged intolerableness of it would be stated as a peremptory
bar to the proposed institution, would, had if this Note
with the alleviation indicated, by us had formed part of the text, have employed his ingenuity in representing it as ridiculous and as forming in this way an
adequate reason ground for rejection and contempt. The rest of
whole remainder of the proposed Code being disposed of by ,
an article such as this would in that case have been
held up to view in the character of an adequate specimen
of it. This is The supposition <add>facts argument here supposes is no other than one, where to which</add> some five or six and thirty years ago, it naturally
plan happened to be exemplified on the occasion of an arrangement del ter article of a slightly different
focus nature, to cheat the one other the one here: in question is in now substituted.
The argument in question fallacy being thus characterized and stigmatized
in utero, fear of shame may perhaps suffice to render it abortive.

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