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1824. March 14 +
Constitutional Code.

Ch. XV. Quasi Jury
S.1. Field of Service

Art. 7 The Judge has power to perform a recapitulatory
examination, allow of his own notion for his the satisfaction of the public
is for that of his own conscience: he is bound to do so,
in application petition made by a party in either side.

Art. 8. When it is of his own notion that the Judge
institutes a recapitulory examination, he pronounces
no definitive decree till after it has been performed: when
this on petition, as above defini decrees, of such notion such as, but for
as to be otherwise such petition will be definitive - say eventually definitive decrees are pronounced by him, and
it is an to these decrees that the petition grounds itself being

Art. 9 The pair of a When, on petition
above a Quasi-trial his place as above, it is in this
will. The Judges eventually definitive decree having been
pronounced, he addresses himself to the parties thus Is it
the desire of any one of you that there should be a Quasi-
Trial recapitulation examination? If, by any one use
ever be given in the affirmation, a day and hour for the purpose is
by him appointed by him, after hearing about which they respectively
have to say as to the time.

Art. 10 In case of necessity, the di recapitulory
examination is carried on through any number of sittings.
But, unless for obviating some casual and pressing inconvenience,
no adjournment from sitting to sitting one sitting to another has place, un
till this regularly employable quantity of time has been has having been
exhausted, th without the suits being open for
for the definitive decrees.

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