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1826. Jany. Nov. 9. Ch.XVI. Quasi Jury
S.4. Located how.


Art.26. As in the Immediate, so in the Appellate
Judicatory, to the Registrar it belongs, from time
to time, to accerse the several individuals, by whom
the service of the several weeks in the solar year
is to be performed. To this end, the state of the liable
list will be made constantly known to him in
manner following —

Towards the close of each solar year, time enough
to be received by the several individuals
before the first day of the ensuing year, — the Quasi
Jury Minister, having caused to be framed and
printed, transmitts, to the several habitations of
each of the individuals liable, a printed exemplar of
the Liable list for that same year, as also on the
earliest day, one or more exemplar to the Registrar. This list
will be divided into as many Sub-Lists as there are
Bi-subdistricts, or say Local Headman's and Local
territories, in the Sub-district, or say
Immediate Judge's territory: on each such sublist
the individuals will stand indicated in the alphabetical
order of their surnames.

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Art.27. In the course of that same ensuing year,
he will, in proportion as the information reaches him,
transmit, to the Registrar, notice of the several individuals,
who, by death, repatriation, exclusion, exemption
or otherwise, cease to become liable. Of these,
the Registrar will frame a list, which will constitute
an appendage to the Liable List of that year,
and will be distinguished by the appellation name of it, of the
Efflux Liable List. The Use of it will be to preventing
his transmitting accersition mandates to those,
in whose instance their incapacity of serving
has been thus made manifest.

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