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1822 June 13

J. B. to Rivadavia To Mexico, by one of the above Deputies, goes from me amongst
other things, a paper manuscript copy of the a paper containing
in the form of titles the subjects topics of a series of Letters, addressed
to the Spanish People — not to their rulers, under the title
of Rid Yourselves of Your Ultramaria.
The object is to show
that it is to the sacrifice
of the interest of the subject
many in both countries
and of the ruling few
in Ultramaria that
the claim is prosecuted
by the ruling few in
Spain in
pursuit support of an
benefit in which only
a small
part even of themselves same ruling faces
can have any share:
and that to the subject
many in both

the benefit produced looked for is from that used uses solely the
of the ruling used that to subject both

countries the claim could produce nothing better than mutual misery
even if universally acceded to, much more, if in so far as contested
and various interruptions the subject work itself
with the exception of subject had occupied me more than two years, and had
not yet been quite finished. At the desire of Mora I sent
him got copied and sent to him thro' the Legation here 23 Aprl last (1822) such part of the matter
as, in the the state at which the relation between
two countries had already arrived, promised to be of
most use. In the Portuguese Cortes Manuel Fernandez Thomaz, who, by well informed & discerning Judges, has been represented to me as
Thomaz whom I have reason to regard upon
being upon the whole the first man in that Assembly, was already
known to have gone so far in it upon that question as to say
"if it be agreeable to the Brazilians to remain
"united with us, so much the better: but if not, it can
not be if the number of these, if any be
"it is not with my good will that any endeavour would be
to force them to it." On this ground, I thought it was that
this night the same day, 23d Apl sent a duplicate of that finished part to Manuel
through his brother José, Secretary of Legation here of
whom chemin faisant, it made a convert. On an occasion of
such delicacy I thought it best not to address myself in
to the Cortes itself as on so many former occasions; April 23d the
paper was sent from him by the one Brother to the other who as I
was informed immediately as we heard about a fortnight ago put it into the hands of a Translator
that those who think with him on that subject might make the most of it. To you in your position it could at the utmost be nothing more
than matter of curiosity: not it could not be of any real use. The Table exhibiting the Topics It being however so
short short I should have
added it to
sent it to you may
the other testimonies of my
respect, but that the
only remaining fair
copy I have is in the
hands of a
translator, for Estrada
the Mexican Deputy to Cortes, who returns from here by way of Gibraltar on the 19th.
The more effectually they are
satisfied of the impossibility
of keeping Brazil or
any part of it in a state
of subjection the less the
danger of their being
troublesome to you in
the River Plata. They
assure me that the force
they are now sending is
necessary for the protection
of private property from
being plundered at this
crisis by the miscellaneous
population: if this
be all they mean by it
nothing can be more
objectionable. Upon the
whole the contrast between
their wisdom & Spanish
folly is matter of universal
admiration here.

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