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Box 60 contains Bentham's writings on Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Haiti. Bentham took a keen interest in Latin America, which was beginning to free itself from Spanish rule in the early nineteenth century. Bentham saw an opportunity to apply the principles of his utilitarianism philosophy to the new democratic regimes which were being established.

Detailed contents of this box are as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 5: Police bill - heads; 1785-1798
  • Folios 6 to 11: Mexico and Vera Cruz - Information from Guia de Commerciantes; 1808
  • Folios 12 to 13: Character of Jeremy Bentham as given on the 2nd of June, 1820, in and by the British House of Commons; 1820
  • Folios 14 to 45: Buenos Aires - collectanea and correspondence; 1818-24
  • Folios 46 to 52: Portugal correspondence; 1821
  • Folios 53 to 65: Spain - codification proposal, collectanea and correspondence
  • Folios 66 to 67: Chile - J.B. to O'Higgins; 1821
  • Folio 68: Colombia - Simon Bolivar to E. Blaquiere [translation] ; 1822
  • Folios 69 to 85: Guatemala - memoranda; 1823
  • Folios 86 to 131: Haiti - correspondence; 1822-23

Folios from box 60 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 60 Progress: Transcription begun

Untranscribed: 5
In Progress: 16
Ready For Review: 3
Completed: 159
Total: 183

0Completed: 159(86.89%)183

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