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the lowest was on the 11th at 61. The month of Jan. is the
midsummer of that climate. The medium temperature 71, 61. Of
34 days beginning Jan. There were — Rainy days — 13
Clear fine weather — 14
Cloudy — 4
Thunder & lightng — 3

There is given a table of the parishes which amount to 7 in
Buenos Ayres, & the number of mariages & baptisms — a Table of deaths in which
the classes of colour are particularized.

A like Table of the 18 parishes interior to that city.

A Table of persons who entered the city for the month of Feby
whence they came; & a similar of Table of Departures & destinations.

Tables of the various productions brought into the district.

The various vessels that entered & departed & from what countries —
their tonnage & where delivered.

A statistical view of the church establishment in the city & external

In short there is no branch of statistical inquiry omitted.

We have received the 4 first numbers of a very handsomely printed
& well conducted work, under the title of La Abeja Argentina, or the
Bee of La Plata — which is published on the 15 of every month at 4
reals (50 cents) the number. This work is a happily digested miscellany,
in which the physical and political philosophy of the age is
displayed with as much intelligence, boldness and decision as in
any other country & with talent equal to any.

The first number contains an excellent article on public credit
which would do no discredit to that man, unequalled in political
science the late Mr Torres.

This number also discusses the Revolution of Greece & the affairs
of the Colombian Republic, Guatamala, Mexico, Lima & Havannah,
Chili, Brazil, & Spain.

There have been established at Buenos Ayres, besides the public
library, the following associations of enlightened & scientific men: —
The Literary Society
The Medical Society
The Society of Physical & Mathematical Sciences
The Society of Friends of the Country

Besides there is an Agricultural Society & a Society for promoting
the system of Question by analytical instruction.

The Argus of the 29th June contains the proclamation of
Barnardo O'Higgins for assembling a constitutional convention.


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