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Translation of a Letter from General Bolivar to Edward Blaquiere

Cuenca. 27 September 1822

My dear Sir

I have received with the greatest pleasure by the hand
of Mr. Revenga a very esteemed favor of yours dated Paris 16 October
1821. I may avow with sincerity the delight I have felt at the terms
in which you honor me by mentioning in it the respectable authors
who have favored me with the celebrated productions of their genius
and profound learning.

Mr. Revenga left in the Capital of Bogotá the little collection
of political & philosophical modern writers which you have been so
good as to send to me, & I am eagerly anxious to obtain information
on the subjects last treated of by Dumont & Bentham the reading of
whose works you recommend to me in preference to the rest. I
myself shall have the honor of offering any thanks to these gentlemen
and of apologizing at the same time for the delay of my reply to
Mr Bentham. Tho delay is pardonable, I may say it was inevitable
for I received his Letter in the midst of military movements which
hardly gave me time enough to read it then so that it was stifled
if I may use the word, in a chain of affairs.

I shall also have much pleasure in expressing my
thankfulness to Mr for his history of the Jurisprudence of the 19' Century
who had the goodness to offer to me in order that I having informed myself
on the subject might be enabled to pay him at the same time the
tribute of admiration which you deem he deserves.

I share with you the sentiments you profess in
favor of the liberty of nations; — building these sentiments upon the
eternal bases of truth which have been presented to men of calculating
minds by the thermometer Geometrician of justice, Mr Bentham.

I hardly know how I can express to you my shame
at not having before discharged a duty which your pen had imposed on me. The valuable Statistical Account of
Columbia which you published to favor the interests of our nation and for the instruction of others filled up the
measure of my honors in its Introductory part — giving opinions of me such as I never ventured to aspire
to, still less to receive from an authority so respectable for talents & liberal character. Be pleased then to
receive tho' too late the Effusion of the most sincere gratitude due to your kindness: protesting with the military
frankness of a republican that my most ardent desire is to record in some way worthy of you and
of myself the high respect with which I am Your Obedient Servant (Signed) Bolivar

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