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1823 Nov. 19 + 2

Guatemala 2

The Guatemalian government the attack upon it by the mushroom upstart
Emperor of Mexico having failed, has been recognized
by the Mexican Commonwealth, as likewise by
the Colombian

Under these circumstances, Sir, you will Judge Sir
whether it will or will not be advisable for the King of
Great Britain and Ireland to include him Guatemalia in whatsoever
tokens of amity may be bestowed upon any of the
late Spanish dependencies.

The French have for a considerable time had a
strange eye upon Guatemalia and taken active measures In the event of my being
honoured with an interview, I will shall be ready to
state to you all particulars the particulars without reserve I have been long resident to my arrival As my departure for
in France. As to Guatemalia I can venture to say London about a year ago I had been [ ] years in
his affections have always turned to England in preference re France and in habit with men of influence there.
to any every other country

About the month of 0 1822 1823
proposals went from the Commonwealth of Guatemalia to
the United States, soliciting expressing a desire an eventual desire to be adopted into their
Union; what the result has been there has not been
time to know for me time to learn. The occasion was a pressing one. Guatemalia
was suffering and is threatened invaded under invasion or in
the fear of being so by the now extinguished Emperor
abovementioned. There was In regard to alliance there
was no room for choice. The United States was Government nears at
hand.. The affection of Guatemalia had it is true always leaned to
England, in preference to any other country. But the affections
of t the English Government were uncertain: and England
was at a distance

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