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1823 Nov 19 + 5


From England we should have need of capital, even Capital, by all accounts we shall have need of, even
if only for fortifications: capital, wherever else to be had, and it is only in England that it is to
be found in quantities
adequate to be sent a
it is to be
found; at least in
quantities adequate
to such a purpose.
As to the means of
communication, were
that all that was wanted, by all
accounts the local
circumstances are
so favourable, that

By all accounts the local circumstances
are so favourable that if means of communication
were all that were wanted,
I should not despair of its being
within the compass of our own resources. But as in especially if the
circumstances of the time admitted of a protracted course of expenditure
But in no state otherwise of would fortification be an object to be neglected,
and at present the French now more influence now that the French government
flaming with the most mischievous ambition have so keen an eye
upon the object, the need of fortifications has acquired an
inordinate and unprecedented importance. To a company of English Capitalists,
my government if in the particular it takes my recommendation —
a matter which in this particular I have little doubt of
would cheerfully give agree in return for a sufficient quantity
of capital to be employed under joint direction, give up,
in private property, the such extent of country as shall be
necessary and sufficient for maintaining the communication
in the most effective manner together with a with political rights for further
security. The it . On its own behalf all the
stipulation it would make would be tolls that the tolls should
the same
for all States, its own not excepted, and this has but
with a such limits to the amount of them, so that should rate of toll as should
be not excess. As to this equality prevent them its becoming excessive. As to the equality thus provided for,, I need scarce mention
to you, Sir that the equality in words would in effect
be a preference to England; England, in virtue of her capital
having had, and being at all times about to have, so must
more to gain by the junction than any other State, not even excepting
the United States notwithstanding their near neighbourhood;
under which circumstance preference in words and figures would be a sort of war against
other nations: and that, [in the reason above given, a useless one.


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