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Of the forms different modes of emanation in which a Law may be
— Statute Custom Indirect
Decision Equity

Of the different purposes which a Law
may have — Diversion from those purposes
The general purpose is general the greatest Utility

Of its Form as to permission
& transference of a penalty these are instances
when the sanction is latent: & may be noticed under that
Title of
Ch. in the

All reducible to Penal.

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Specific Ends INTRODUCT.

Upon the whole then by casting back our eyes upon
the several divisions of Law, we shall see it derides
from the following sources.

From it's ... into Substantive & Adjective
[& the former of these as we shall see hereafter into
such as are against Principal & against Accessory

From it's End design Into 1st Constitutional + + Laws conferring
& limiting powers.
2dly Distributory
3d Conservatory ab extra. 4thly Conservatory
ab intra: 5th Accumulatory.

N.B. Though these are distinct ends purposes of a Law, it
does not follow that they should are in every instance
be pursued by distinct Laws. One Law may answer many of them at once. Thus the Law whereby
Duty on French Brandy
Conservatory ab intra
& extra — Conservatory
ab extra

a Duty is imposed upon the importation of French
Brandy may be consider'd as being at once at the same time as a
Law Distributory 2. Law accumulatory 2d a
Law Conservatory ab extra intra 3dly a Law Conservatory
ab extra on a double account 4. a Law accumulatory.
It is a Law Distributory as it makes works so far
an exception from from out of the general System of Distribution
as to take a part of the gains of the
sell importer (that is ultimately a part of the
property of the every buyer consumer of it as such) to transfer it
to the Public Fund. —

It is a Law Conservatory ab intra & ab extra
inasmuch as that Fund is established for
both those purposes

It is besides a Law conservatory besides ab extra, in
that it has a tendency to weaken the force
of a rival nation by diminishing the consumption
& in consequence the production of those its riches.
It is a Law conservatory of in that accumulatory insomuch as

it has a tendency by diminishing the comparative
price to augment the consumption and in
consequence the production of that Liquor
made at home.

And such were obviously the ends in view
upon its imposition being imposed.

Of these 4 properties the 3 first it possesses
as a Public Tax: the 3d on the latter account
and the 4th as being a Tax upon that particular
a commodity of that particualr nation.
The 4th of as being a Tax on that particular
commodity of that nation.

INTROD: Law — Its Ends and Functions — Constitut.l [BR][ ] Distributory &c.

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