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1830 Jany 23
Penal Code
Offences separately
Offences against person


Calamities in relation to of which
human agency
acting in a sinister
direction may be
productive of them
or instrumental in
giving encrease to
them whether by
positive agency or by
negative agency in a
case where positive
for the prevention
suppression or alleviation
of them must do.

Example in the case
of conflagration
purposely or needlessly
cutting off the
communication with water
or obstructions opposed
to the exertions of a fireman
as such

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Advice of maleficent
tendency Examples

1 Advice to take
on the beasts of the sea
on a port
rocks inaccessible in
that direction the
on one part of the
four & twenty hours
flowing in to make a
depth as to be productive
of drowning a casement
by Lord Coke
Thus perished
be these infidel Jews.

2 Advice to take a
route in which it
is known that robbers
are frequent especially
if accompanied with

3 Advice to take a
path in which spring
guns or other man
traps have been laid.

4 Advice or desire
expressed that the
individual in question
should go with a
lighted and unguarded
candle or other light
to a spot where
gunpowder in quantities
fatal or dangerous to life
is exposed to be set fire
to by it.

---page break---
6. Advice or other
desire for him to
repair to a spot which is
occupied by a
combustible vapour as
in some mines.

7 So for a which
if pure or in a certain
proportion mixed
with wholesome air
is by inspiration
fatal to life.

Example carbonic
acid hydrogen
gas .

8 Advice to bathe
where sharks & other
dangerous fish are
known to propagate.

9 Advice to repair
to a spot where earthquakes
are known to
be abundant.

NB in each country
these modes of
maleficence may be
more or less different.

In the several
different countries these
modes of maleficence
may be more or less
different — Make a
distinction between
those that are in this
case & those that are
the same everywhere.
Class them accordingly.

---page break---
Advice to mount
a dangerous force
& to repair to a
spot where
carnivorous animals
are known to abound

employ as
medicine or food
plants known to
be deleterious
or deleterious
instruments &

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