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INTRODUCTIONS. LAW of NATIONS. No Law. But Qu. Collections
of Treaties.

Piracy said to
be against the Law
of Nations—but
it is against the
Municipal Law.
For there is a primary
Will against
it and a secondary.
So of
Treaties—but it
is against no
Law—there is
only a primary
will—and no secondary—as Punishment
because that implies a

The Law of nations is nothing more than a
system of rules declaring concerning the conduct
of nations with respect to each other; rules
the practise of which is for the useful / advantageous interest of those
nations, either originally, as tending in itself
to produce lust impure pleasures and least pure pains pains
whatever men expect about the matter; or
else merely because they expect it.

I will give examples of these two different
sorts of utility (different that is only as flowing
from on different sources for utility in itself
must ever be the same) utility original and
utility from expectation.

There is a custom among European Nations
that a Ship Vessel of our nation </del> approaching
to a Fort belonging to of another nation at amity with it shall salute as the phrase is with a certain number of guns.

Now certain and plain it is, that in the
producing of a certain quantity of noise and
Ship there can be no original utility:

It ought be called the Morality of Nations.
When Selden and Grotius had in their dispute
concerning the dominion of their certain seas,
they compiled Histories upon Histories to
, here the increase of it in that one or
the other of parties .

Why? but that they both perceived that if one
had been used a certain number of
times to make use of it along with others
he would reckon upon the being suffered
to do so still: that if alone without this
he would in the same manner expect to
do so still.—That these several facts if
admitted would come at once as grounds of
and for expectations of deleted textdeleted text </del>much an expectation considered.
as probable) and as evidences of it, (considered as actual,)
that if either one party and not the other understood such
respective expectations, it would accordingly either / whether / of exclusion or
common enjoyment, or the one more strongly
than the other, it could be the first that would suffer most by the being deprived of it
that it was therefore by its being still in possession of it would
in possession if it would be the means of preserving the greatest quantity

and the world
would be presumed

---page break---

Law of Nations. No Law.

it prevents the
mischiefs that
might arise to
both parties from
suspicions of a
contrary disposition.

Law of [BK][] Nations no distinct Law—It's double Sense

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